Saturday, March 17, 2007

Fleet Feet

Look at the fast footwork by Tyler here - just a blur!. Top grade equipment going in now.

That's mighty Mike the super support guy working on the windows. No fooling around - he just showed up and went right to work. Nice job, Mike.

Moving Day

Evan and Tyler loaded the truck and brought just about everything, including the kitchen sinks.

Tables, chairs, display cases, doors, signs, coolers, water heater, refrigerators, lots of cool flooring, and lots more stuff. The light fixtures are in the building, too.

Of course everything is just in the building. Now it all has to be installed. It's going to be daily improvements from now until opening day. Well, I guess they can take a Sunday now and then to rest. But unless they say otherwise, they're still aiming to open in a couple of weeks.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Parking Aplenty

You betcha, they have parking. This is a shot from the 53rd Avenue driveway. That's Insomnia Coffee Company in the middle of the picture.

Hillsboro's 53rd Avenue Community Park will be to the left of the parking. Just to the left of Insomnia's parking lot will be parking for the multi-purpose sports fields, and then the sports fields.

The drive-through lane is to the right of the building, so you get to drive all the way around it and come out on the left side.

Expect a friendly smile when you get to the window. And a treat for your pet, if you have one riding along. Oh, and your drink should be ready, too, if you're a regular customer who always orders the same thing.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Closer Look at the Sign

Okay, maybe you're starting to notice a pattern. You've seen that coffee stain on the coffee cup. Now you see it on the sign:

i-n-s-coffee stain-m-n-i-a

Pretty clever. I haven't heard how the coffee stain idea came to be or whose sleep deprived head it came out of. I picture a late-night brainstorming session where one of them picked up their cup and noticed the coffee stain under it. Or maybe they were drawing on a stained napkin and it just ended up that way, they sent it to the graphic artist who didn't know the stain was accidental, and there it is. Hey, it could happen, considering the sleep robbing hours these guys have put in. But seriously, I think it was intentional creativity. If the responsible person, or persons, cares to share the true story about the coffee stain, I'll be sure to post it. Otherwise, you'll just have to stop in and ask for yourself.

Now I'm sure they won't mind if you draw on clean, unstained napkins, if that's the way you must be. Maybe if you draw something good they'll hang it on the fridge.

These people are just having too much fun - or could it be too much coffee?

The Cup is Cool...

...but the coffee is hot.

First cup at the drive-up window.

There will be more. Many more. Many, many more.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More paint, a drive through, a walk in the park.

Here's the north wall, opposite the sound stage. That's Tyler on the scaffold rolling on more paint. Nice work, Tyler! Anybody else working today?

The drive through window is right there behind the scaffold, and basically that whole area around the scaffold is where the Insomniacal Baristi (that's right, there will be more than one barista) will be brewing their fine coffee creations. I'm fairly certain the scaffold will be gone by then.

There will be a counter on this side of that area to serve those who wish to partake of the indoor charms of Insomnia Coffee Company. And picture this, since I don't have a picture to show you, there will also be a display case for the treats you can get to go along with your coffee.

On the left are the big windows that look out on the not-too-distant future 53rd Avenue Community Park - more on that later.

You can spend as much time you like inside, as the windows are UV filtered and you can enjoy the sun while those nasty UVees stay outside.

Now I guess this makes it official - I see coffee in this picture.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Show Me A Sign

The sign is up. Everyone seems to like it. Not your typical mall store sign. That's a good thing because this is not your typical mall of stores, and Insomnia Coffee Company is definitely not your typical coffee house. So the sign works. It has character, and a lot of it, just like Insomnia Coffee Company will have lots of character.

By the way, there is a lot more parking then what you see in this photo. A whole parking lot more!

Hurray...They Have Colors!

The walls are done and the paint is going on. Evan, Tyler, and big-hearted support team member Dave are busy putting down the color. Well, at least Tyler and Dave are busy. Colors trigger emotional responses, and these guys are getting charged up as the colors go on. This is going to be the main wall behind the stage. I can almost hear the live music already. More colors are coming for the other walls.