Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What? An Insomnia MUG?

Yes, you heard right! Insomnia now has their own travel mug! Just got 'em today so they're available right now. Now you can take a piece of us home with you...but don't expect us to do your laundry and dishes.

It's our BIRTHDAY!

So we're gonna have a PART-AY!

Here's the dealy-o. We're throwing a bash this weekend to celebrate our being around for a year. This Friday and Saturday (April 11th and 12th) we'll be raising our mugs and pastries in jubilation!

We're even holding a drawing each day for new Insomnia merchandise. You'll have to come check it all out!

Anniversary Cake!

Who gets cake on their anniversary? WE DO!

Tyler's rad sister-in-law, Tiffany Light (of Portland's Pearl District Via Delizia fame) created a masterpiece to help us ring in our birthday. So delish!

Let's see, it was chocolate with buttercream icing, layered with chocolate ganache. Otherwise known as HEAVEN! :)

I know, I wish you coulda had a piece. Sorry it's all gone. We're fat and happy. ha ha ha! Thanks Tiff!

We're such SLACKERS!

An apology is necessary. We've slacked off in our blogging duties. All this excitement building about our one year anniversary has swept us away, working on many other projects. It won't happen again. *blushing*