Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the mugs are here! the mugs are here!

Get 'em while we got 'em. limited edition, handmade mugs by Kristin at Urbana. Simply fabulous, and like children in a family, all a little different.

Arctic Chill

So, like everyone else around town, we're getting ready to hunker down through more snow, wind, and rain headed our way on Wednesday and throughout the coming week. So that we can keep our life, limbs & sanity, our plan is to CLOSE AT 4PM on TUESDAY, and OPEN at 7AM on WEDNESDAY, until the weather no longer permits it! Most likely, until 3 or 4PM. We'll play Thursday by ear...keep your eye on this blog, or just give us a ring for the latest update...503.601.4314

Stay safe!

ps: these are the cookies our wonderful customer Nicole made us. she brought them a very short time ago, and now this photo is all I have left of them. for a giggle: notice the missing lower halves of the snowmen, and limb of the gingerbread dude. they came this way. she said the tin had been full, but she was stuck inside and the cabin fever set in. kinda like the donner party, but with cookies. mmmmmm. cookies.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

just like the mailman...

through wind, storm, snow & hail
insomnia's open, we will not fail.

though the arctic wind is blowing,
we have tasty treats
in spite of the blizzard,
in spite of the sleet.

yes, folks, we're open. when the cabin fever sets in, come on by, will ya?

monday 6am!