Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More paint, a drive through, a walk in the park.

Here's the north wall, opposite the sound stage. That's Tyler on the scaffold rolling on more paint. Nice work, Tyler! Anybody else working today?

The drive through window is right there behind the scaffold, and basically that whole area around the scaffold is where the Insomniacal Baristi (that's right, there will be more than one barista) will be brewing their fine coffee creations. I'm fairly certain the scaffold will be gone by then.

There will be a counter on this side of that area to serve those who wish to partake of the indoor charms of Insomnia Coffee Company. And picture this, since I don't have a picture to show you, there will also be a display case for the treats you can get to go along with your coffee.

On the left are the big windows that look out on the not-too-distant future 53rd Avenue Community Park - more on that later.

You can spend as much time you like inside, as the windows are UV filtered and you can enjoy the sun while those nasty UVees stay outside.

Now I guess this makes it official - I see coffee in this picture.

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