Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Closer Look at the Sign

Okay, maybe you're starting to notice a pattern. You've seen that coffee stain on the coffee cup. Now you see it on the sign:

i-n-s-coffee stain-m-n-i-a

Pretty clever. I haven't heard how the coffee stain idea came to be or whose sleep deprived head it came out of. I picture a late-night brainstorming session where one of them picked up their cup and noticed the coffee stain under it. Or maybe they were drawing on a stained napkin and it just ended up that way, they sent it to the graphic artist who didn't know the stain was accidental, and there it is. Hey, it could happen, considering the sleep robbing hours these guys have put in. But seriously, I think it was intentional creativity. If the responsible person, or persons, cares to share the true story about the coffee stain, I'll be sure to post it. Otherwise, you'll just have to stop in and ask for yourself.

Now I'm sure they won't mind if you draw on clean, unstained napkins, if that's the way you must be. Maybe if you draw something good they'll hang it on the fridge.

These people are just having too much fun - or could it be too much coffee?

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