Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sleepy Monk Coffee

Amy, Evan and Tyler will settle for nothing less than the best roasted coffee at Insomnia Coffee Company. That's why they spent many months and ran up a lot of miles on Amy's old Volvo to find the best. They sampled them all, picked the good ones, and spent time with the various roasters trying to find one that would provide the consistency and quality that Insomnia would require.

When they were through, they picked Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters in Cannon Beach. Not only did they find the best coffee, they found a perfect match. The fine folks at Sleepy Monk are meticulous about roasting, and their coffee is organic fair trade certified. Sleepy Monk has a philosophy of community building by sharing their best with coast dwellers and visitors, and that fits perfectly with Insomnia's plan to be community builders in and around Hillsboro.

As a big part of the Insomnia Support Team, Jane and Victor of Sleepy Monk have been extremely helpful by sharing their years of coffee house wisdom and educating Hillsboro's future purveyors of fine coffee. It's just a bonus that the Sleepy Monk name goes so well with Insomnia Coffee.

Learn more about Sleepy Monk by clicking on their link at the right, then visit them in midtown Cannon Beach.

Tell them Insomnia sent you.

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