Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Meet the Cast - Amy

Amy is our leading lady. Opening a coffee house has been a dream of hers for a long time. Even before meeting and marrying Evan, she was writing the first drafts of the script for Insomnia Coffee Company. Evan and Tyler came on board, the venue became available, and all of a sudden the production became bigger than all three of them. What else could they do but run with it?

Between being a barista and working for a coffee roaster, Amy has been in the coffee business for about twifty years, or something like that. She has had her eyes and mind open the whole time, soaking up everything she could about the art of coffee. At the same time she has mastered the art of turning customers into friends. If you've ever been to a good play and been pulled into feeling like you're a part of it and you know those people, that's how Amy makes her customers feel. It's a gift.

Like Evan and Tyler, Amy has spent a good bit of time on the road performing. That experience has given her a keen instinct for properly putting everything together for a performance. The musicians who will be coming to Insomnia Coffee Company will appreciate her professionalism, and the customers will get the best possible show because of it.

In this photo Amy is working on the flooring. She hasn't been in the construction shots as much as Evan and Tyler, but she's been there with them and involved in finishing up the construction all along.

So much to do before the curtain goes up!

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