Friday, December 12, 2008

Something for Everyone


Why shop around when you can just come here and get ‘em what they REALLY want...Insomnia! We’ve done our best to make it easy for you...three “grades” of gift bag happiness, depending on how much you love your recipient (aka, how much you wanna spend?).
For the coworker who’s name you drew for secret santa, I’d go with the basic bag, containing one our our fantastic new chocolate brown travel mugs (12/14oz, ceramic & stainless steel) and a $5 gift Card. After all, they’ve been pretty tolerable, not playing their radio above a reasonable volume and keeping their mitts of your favorite red stapler. Take care of them well for $17, bagged and ready to give.
For the Host & Hostess, consider giving them one of our sturdy travel mugs with a pound of Sleepy Monk Coffee, whole bean, or ground to order. He’ll think you’re smart and savvy for investing in a reusable, earth-friendly coffee cup, and she’ll think you’re a Georgia peach for saving her a trip to the store for fresh coffee during the hectic holidays. Yours for $24.
And finally, the bag that has it all, with a splendid mug, pound of fresh coffee, AND an Insomnia long-sleeved tee. Now that the rain is officially here, we can all use a comfy extra shirt to keep us warm and share the joy of Insomnia. Bagged and ready to give or keep for yourself, $42.
You may ask, “But what about the TEA lovers? Don’t you have anything for them?” Yes, Virginia. We sure do. Our Tea Bag (get it?) includes the above raved about mug, 4oz (which makes approx 50 cups) of Fruit Sangria loose leaf tea, AND the ever popular ingenuiTEA. If you haven’t seen it in action, come on by. Its the best way to brew loose leaf tea that we’ve found, easy to use, easy to clean, and great with all types of tea. Heck, you can even microwave it in a bind. You’ll be first on their list, for only $52.
Please note that a pound of our comforting house chai mix can be substituted in the above bags in place of a pound of coffee.

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