Monday, November 17, 2008

Project night...

So, Ladies & are aware that Christmas will be here before you know it? If you’re like me, there’s a list as long as my arm that I “intend” to finish. This includes everything from addressing envelopes for Christmas cards, a couple unfinished scrap booking projects that would make fabulous gifts if I only completed them, to a-HEY! Wait a minute! NO PEEKING! Sorry, you’ll just have to take my word for it, folks. All that to say, if you’d like some company and good coffee while you make a dent in your holiday “to do” pile, come join my pal Kim & I on Tuesday, December 2nd, from 6-10pm. We will be hanging out at the shop & having a grand social time with you & anyone who’ll join us! All are welcome...just try to pick a “to do” that doesn’t require a TON of space (or newspaper on the floor, or a lot of hot wax, glitter, or, well, you get the picture). We hope to see you there!

A fun thought aside...if you have a favorite Christmas cookie or dessert recipe you’re willing to share, bring a few copies and we’ll pass ‘em around-we can all use a recipe box update every once in a while!

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