Monday, April 2, 2007

Great Weather

This is the time of year when the weather in Oregon is in transition. Time to wear layers that can be peeled off according to the constantly changing condition. It was 30 degrees this morning in Hillsboro, but the sun came out and it was a nice spring day. Evan and Tyler took advantage of it and went outside to do a little finish carpentry.

That's right, I said "finish" carpentry. Most of what's left now is finish work. Carpentry to finish. Decor to finish. Painting to finish. Plumbing to finish. Electrical to finish. Signs to finish... and on and on goes the finish work. The good thing is that after all the finish work, it will be time to open. Oh, of course there are the details like county and health inspections and extended testing of all the equipment, plus the dress rehearsal when everyone goes through their parts to see how well it all works together. But that will be just a blur and they'll be serving coffee and treats before they know it.

By the way, I'm sure it's okay to have some other brand of coffee if you just can't wait for Insomnia Coffee Company to open. I even saw Tyler the other day with a cup of coffee from a huge chain which will remain nameless (but you all know, unless you've been living on Mars). I'm sure it was one of those days they give free coffee, though.

Coffee=happiness... - Message from Hula Amy left on the Insomnia Coffee MySpace.

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