Saturday, March 24, 2007

Meet the Cast - Evan

It's time to start introducing some of the people responsible for the production we call Insomnia Coffee Company.

This is Evan. He is one of the main characters of Insomnia. One of the leading men, actually. I don't know if he'll be wearing this outfit. Evidently he doesn't agree with the others on what the uniform will be. Super Coffee Man, Evan? Do you really think that will fly? Is it even in the script? Is there a script?

Evan is my son-in-law and I love him, but I'll just warn you now to expect some major theatrics from him. He's been in some musicals locally and spent some time on the road. He's just liable to make you laugh. If he sings to you, he may even make you cry - yeah, he's that good.

One thing is certain, he'll make you a drink that you will really enjoy.

Up, up and uh ... latte!

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